The Story

I already run a successful wholesale company called Wholesale Home Sales, LLC with hundreds of happy and now richer customers. So why invent a different brand and do the same thing?

When you buy off market deals not advertised to the public, you usually get a better price. There are no bidding wars, highest and best offer requests, realtor games, and the amount of people in the buying pool is limited to only the people who join our cash buyers list. This means you are going to be getting deals not everyone has access to and you’re a member of an exclusive club! Not only that, but we only sell to cash buyers, so you will not be competing with people who will offer more because the bank is financing it.

After 10 years in the business and having sold 50 Million Dollars of Wholesale Investment Properties to cash buyers worldwide, we heard a recurring theme from buyers. Buyers would tell us that they were seeing the same deals on every wholesaler’s list and that the deals were also listed on the MLS. The problem got so bad, that buyers stopped looking at wholesaler’s emails altogether, which is not just bad for me, but it’s bad for the industry as a whole. Some investors or wholesalers would also tell us they wanted ONLY OFF MLS/ OFF MARKET Deals, period.

Buyers to this day still ask me “who the source is”, “I see it on this person’s list too”, “who has the contract?”, etc. It’s cute because there is so much more to the business of full time wholesaling that buyers will never know or understand, so it’s not really worth explaining. The point is that we listen. We listen to the point we created a brand where buyers will never have to ask or wonder whose deal it is because we only sell our own DIRECT DEALS. Additionally, we combined that offer with all of our deals being Off Market and Priced Wholesale.

Somewhere along the way, we started marketing to homeowners and buying their properties, buying at or before auctions, and getting deals that were OFF MLS / OFF MARKET directly. We were marketing these deals on our sister companies: Wholesale Home Sales, LLC and Thus, we were mixing our DIRECT OFF MLS DEALS with Non Direct Off MLS Deals / ON MLS Deals and Our Exclusive Listings.

We decided that mixing our DIRECT OFF MLS DEALS with Wholesale Home Sales, LLC’s deals, we were limiting our DIRECT OFF MLS DEALS exposure and not taking advantage of the full market share of cash buyers we were entitled to and so by creating this brand, we started wooing cash buyers to seek out our companies’ deals because we were offering them exactly what they wanted. By creating a new brand to carry out this new vision of only selling off market deals direct, we would bring old customers back and invite new customers to join up.

Since we are a company that listens to our clients and the industry, we created a solution to the aforementioned problems that buyers were bringing to our attention, and that we noticed we could improve on to better differentiate our Brand from other wholesalers. The solution was This Company ONLY sells DIRECT OFF MLS DEALS and investment properties. Our Deals are ONLY Seen Here! They are Exclusive to our Brand. No Daisy Chain either. You are negotiating directly with the seller. Lowest Price Guarantee! I can guarantee you are paying the lowest price, Wholesale! So are you ready to start buying? If you have not already, Join Our Cash Buyers List Now!, “Where Professional Buyers Buy”