Real Estate Concierge Service

“Our System for Your Success”

In business, having systems is the key to success.

The Flow of Information in a timely, efficient, and personally catered manor is the way of the future and the essence of the Real Estate Concierge Service.

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Marketing Your Real Estate Deals

I am the biggest and best Property Wholesaler in South Florida and I’m a marketing expert as well. I have over 10,000 members in my Cash Buyers List, and through that list and other advertising, I sell millions of dollars of properties a year or a month. If you are marketing a property For Sale, then I can help!

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I Buy Real Estate

Since then I have become a full time Landlord, Rehabber, and Real Estate Agent. I have successfully bought over 400 properties in South Florida from people just like you. That equates to over 50 Million dollars of property bought and sold and you can be next if you’d like.

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Coming Soon

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MLS Listings

I started in 2005 working for a title company and by 2006 at the age of 21, I was marketing for a mortgage company.

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Meet Ups with Me!

I love meeting new people and making friends and sharing ideas and experiences.
I am open minded to trying new things, and I do all the time.

Try me!

On a normal day I am into Exotic Cars,  Watches, Golf, Fishing, and Snorkeling, Shooting Guns, Beaches, Dancing, Partying, Ladies,  Music, Coffee, Great Food & Drinks, Yoga, Professional Sports, Networking, Helping Others, Making Friends, and Education of course.

If you are like-minded and want to get together to have some fun with me and my entourage, please contact me directly. We are always looking to meet new people. Text me 954 415 0122 or contact my company and ask for me.

Earn Money Lending

Are you looking to invest in Real Estate without the Hassles of Tenants, Repairs, and Home Ownership?
If so, diversifying your investment portfolio into Private Lending should be something to consider.
Financing property for other investors while charging 8% to 15% rate of return on your cash is lucrative, yet the passive way to generate a steady stream of income at a respectable rate of return.
It is also safe because loans are equity rich and cash flow positive.
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